What’s the common theme?

Museums like the Louvre, Guggenheim, and Metro Art Galleries occasionally display Fine Art (Giclee) Reproductions because the quality is outstanding and it allows them to protect the originals.

Many galleries around the world now offer their clients high quality fine art reproductions as an alternative to purchasing an original. Limited Edition Reproductions by some artists are commanding amazingly high prices while others are very affordable and in all cases, less expensive than the original work.

The term “Giclee” was coined back in the early days of high quality inkjet reproductions of artworks but these days most people prefer the term Fine Art Reproduction. Fine Art Reproductions are typically printed with archival pigment inks on high quality stock such as heavyweight art papers and canvas. The offset ‘poster print’ or prints made using dye or solvent inks are not to be considered in the same standard as Fine Art Reproductions which are expected to last 3-4 generations.

Here at Art House Reproductions, we work with some of Australia’s leading artists and many other amazingly talented artists, creating outstanding reproductions for them to share with you. This web site is a showcase for our artists to present their work.

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