New Printer – New Possibilities!

Posted by giclee on May 2, 2007 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

Art House Reproductions has just installed the first Canon 60″, 12 colour printer in Queensland. This machine is the latest technology in Giclee printing.

Canon IPF9000 60inch printer

You can now have canvas reproductions of your art or photographic prints up to 60? wide and 40 feet long!

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Can you trust your CD's and DVD's for precious data?

Posted by giclee on January 29, 2007 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Photography

Here at Art House Reproductions, we take data storage very seriously. We are responsible for images belonging to artists and we take all necessary precautions to protect those images.

People seem to think that a DVD or CD is this physically solid thing that should last forever. Well folks, it just ain’t so! We’ve known for ages that CD’s had a limited life and suspected the same of DVD’s and this article helps confirm that.

Now I haven’t followed though on everything Patrick says on his Ad Terras Per Aspera blog but what he says makes sense. We have been saving images for many years starting with wedding and portrait photography images back in 1996 on Cd’s. Here at Art House Reproductions we store images on both DVD+R disks and several hard-drives, and we keep several copies for security both on and off site. we also update this information regularly, creating new disks to ensure the integrity of the files as much as humanly possible.

I would suggest to anyone concerned about the data they save to disk that they make a habit of re-burning those disks every 2-3 years to ensure that the data is safe.

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Pauline Adair in the Winner's Circle as well!

Posted by giclee on September 24, 2006 in Art Related Items

The ladies are taking all the awards at the moment. Pauline Adair has just taken out the “Human Art Form” Award with this image entitled “Sophie’s Locks” at the Kenilworth Annual Art Show.

This follows another image called “Play of Light” at the Caloundra Art Awards and a Highly Commended with “Illumination” You can see these images and more on Pauline’s Blog.

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Art House Artist Cleans up at Awards!

Posted by giclee on September 17, 2006 in Art Related Items

Art House artist Deb Gillett from far North Queensland has been claiming some prestigious prizes for recent works.

“Dreaming Untold” was awarded the People’s Choice in the Townsville Art Society Awards, during September at Townsville’s Regional Gallery, Perc Tucker Gallery and judged by Margaret Olley.

“Halcyon Flight” was the recipient of one of three Highly Commended Awards for Deb at the recent Hinchinbrook Acquisitive Art Competition, and will soon be available as a Giclee print through Art House; as will “Tropical Abundance” which has been selected as a finalist in this years Flying Arts Regional Arts Award.

To top off a very exciting month for Deb, her painting “Flightsong” won the Walsh’s Accounting Prize at the Barcaldine Art Competition, and her portrait of a laughing aboriginal boy “Leo” was awarded the People’s Choice in that competition.
Deb is presently working hard towards her solo exhibition in Cairns, scheduled to open July 13th 2007 at Gallery53.

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September Specials for Artists.

Posted by giclee on September 10, 2006 in Art Related Items

3 for 2 Art Photography Special

Its back bring in three original artworks at the one time and only pay for the largest two.

Heres how it works
You bring/send in three original artworks of any size and we will photograph them using our large format digital scan camera. We will produce an A4 test print for colour matching which is yours to keep.

You can choose to just have the photography done or you can order prints as required on paper or canvas. You can choose to archive the file with us or purchase a copy for yourself. If the images are different sizes you only pay for the largest two.

Early Christmas Print & Shrink Special

To introduce our shrink-wrapping service we are offering shrink-wrapping at half price!

Simply place an order for paper prints that meets our bulk order requirements Receive a 10% discount on the printing – and we will shrink wrap them for HALF PRICE. You can supply your own mats and boards or we can arrange them for you from a local framer. A savings example a 30x40cm mat size would normally be $3.50 to wrap, youll only pay $1.75. Get all your Christmas presents ready early! Better still get some stock into a few Gift shops

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Canadian Artist Jazzes things up a bit!

Posted by giclee on July 31, 2006 in Art Related Items

Like a bit of Jazz music? Well you won’t find any on this site, unfortunately, but what you will find is a collection of Jazz images by artist Will Enns from Canada. We are working with Will to promote this range of collectable prints showing a few Jazz favourites in a more comic form.

Not only do we have the Jazz collection but Will has let loose his creativity in response to a client’s request and created a great image of an Aboriginal playing the Didgeridoo. This should be a very popular image with the tourist trade so if you have an outlet for this product please contact me and we’ll didgerido what we gotta do!

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We've Moved!

Posted by giclee on June 13, 2006 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog, Photography, Quirky Stuff

Well it’s finally happened – Art House has moved to our new location at Unit 7, 31 Thompson Street Bowen Hills – Click here to see a map on how to find us.

All our other contact details remain the same.

We are still finding homes for everything but the printers are up and running and producing orders at a great rate. Be sure to give me a call if you are passing and come in for a visit.

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Deb Gillett releases a new range of Giclee Prints

Posted by giclee on May 9, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

Resident of North Queensland, multi award winning artist Deb Gillett is inspired and obsessed with movement, emotion and joy.

Deb works across a wide range of subjects and in many different media, including acrylics, pastels and sculpture in both ceramic and bronze.

Art House Reproductions is proud to reproduce her latest range of Giclee prints, 13 in all. These works are sure to capture the imagination and colour any room. The images are available in virtually any size on both watercolour paper and fine art canvas so please call us if you have any special requests.

This range of work will also be displayed on a major web site in the USA, opening up a world of opportunities for Deb’s work in the US market. If this interests you then please contact us to find out more.

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New range of David Hart Giclee prints

Posted by giclee on March 21, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

David Hart, the boy from Broken Hill, is well known for his distinctive, colourful style that captures the Australian way of life. David now has a range of Giclee reproductions available in several sizes and we are proud to be able to offer them here.

Wedding at Wilcannia

Having developed his own unique style and using skills passed on by his father, Pro Hart, he uses the memories and experiences of his childhood, youth and environment as the forces at work behind his inspiration. See more of David’s original work at his web site or visit his galleries at Noosa or Mooloolaba in Queensland.

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3D on Canvas!

Posted by giclee on March 6, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

I’ve just posted a series of images by Pam Eldridge, an artist who works with stones to create unique, contemporary, sculptured wall panels. We’ve prepared a number of the series on canvas and they look sensational!

Moving On

Here’s a few thoughts from Pam, the creator of these magnificent pieces…

“For thousands of years, throughout the world, people have rhythmically stacked the stones from their land to create stone walls. Stone walls possess an inherent and timeless beauty that satisfies something deep inside me and at the same time proveds a sense of connection to people from generations past.

I tune into nature’s forces and rhythms. Energy forces create spectacular forms in nature; the patterns of growth in the spiralling form of a shell or in cross-sections of timber grain or the radiating energy of water ripples. Each form is unique.”

The originals are designed to be hung from special supports on the wall so they “float”. Being constructed of real stones supported in a stainless steel frame, the originals are quite heavy and in demand – if you would like to see some original work by Pam, please contact us for details.

The canvas reproductions can be fitted on a stretcher frame and weigh substantially less. Thanks to our photographic skills we have captured the three dimentional nature of the originals and you can almost feel the stones as you look at the two dimensional image on canvas.

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