Tanya Loviz – cHeeKy Artist

Posted by giclee on March 10, 2009 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

Unwrap the Bubbles“I love it, love it, looooove it, and am totally obsessed by it. Art fills me like nothing else can. My mission if any is to spread cHeeKy love around the world through paint, words & kisses.”

That’s the thinking behind artist, Tanya Loviz and it shows in her crazy, fun-loving style that has created a huge following.

Tanya has just joined the list of Art House artists and is delighted with the quality we are producing for her.

Tanya paints large originals and she’s excited that with our state-of-the-art equipment we can create files that will produce larger prints on canvas than she paints and as large as we can print!

Imagine this image 3 metres tall and 80cm wide!

Click on the image to see more of Tanya’s work and keep watching as there is much more to come from this prolific artist.

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New Art Copy Camera

Posted by giclee on March 9, 2009 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

Since Art House Reproductions began reproducing art for Australian artists we have always used the best equipment available.

Recently we installed a new art copy camera which provides a staggering 100 megapixel file coming in at over 570 megabytes. This means that now, more than ever the artworks we copy, look as good or in some cases, better than the original!

Art Reproductions on canvas and art papers

To learn more about how we copy our artworks visit www.arthousehq.com

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And the Winner is…

Posted by giclee on May 11, 2008 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog

The race is run and won. For the months of March and April 08, we ran a competition whereby you received an entry in the draw to win a camera for every $100 worth of orders you placed.

Well the proud and delighted winner was Annelise Howes, wildlife artist. Annelise won for herself a brand new Canon Ixus 8megapixel camera.

Annelise plans to keep this little beauty close by so she can capture all those moments she tended to miss because she didn’t have her SLR with her. Congratulations Annelise!

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New 1300 Number – 1300 465522

Posted by giclee on April 22, 2008 in Latest Blog

Now you can call us from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call – 1300 465522 – this stands for 1300 INKLAB.

Why INKLAB? Simple really – INKJETLAB was too long, INKJET was taken and 465522 was an easy number to remember! It jsut happened to spell INKLAB.

If you are a local Brisbane caller you can still ring us on 07 3139 1323 and for those of you on ENGIN, this will be a free call for you!

We’re still working on the new site so keep visiting this one and www.arthousehq.com or email us so we can let you know when it goes live.

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Introducing "INKJET LAB" a revolution in inkjet printing!

Posted by giclee on March 10, 2008 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog, Photography, Quirky Stuff

Something new is coming to Art House Reproductions. We grew too big for one website so www.arthousehq.com began as our information site. Now the demand for a site that allows you to order your own prints made from your own images has created the need for a new look, a new name, a host of new services.


The site is not up yet but keep your eyes open or email us so we can notify you as soon as it is.

We will be offering the most comprehensive range of substrates for your images along with stretching options and mounting choices never before seen on one site in Australia. All of this will be at THE BEST PRICES in the country.

Stay tuned for more and be sure to try us out if you haven’t already.

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Gift Vouchers Now Available!

Posted by giclee on January 15, 2008 in Latest Blog

Buy a friend a Gift Voucher

Not sure what to buy? Why not give an Art House Reproductions Gift Voucher. You choose the amount, simply call us today and make it happen. If you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, you can call us for the cost of a local call on…

National Switchboard – BRISBANE – PHONE: 61 7 3139 1323
Sydney Callers – PHONE: 02 8213 9131
Melbourne Callers – PHONE: 03 9017 3507
Perth Callers – PHONE: 08 6363 5490
Fax: 61 7 3252 3130

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Lockyer Portrait raises thousands for Royal Childrens Hospital.

Posted by giclee on December 16, 2007 in Latest Blog

The dust has almost settled on the Darren Lockyer Portrait auction raising money for Brisbane’s Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation.

Renowned Queensland artist, Nikyla Amanda Smith painted a fantastic likeness of Australian, Queensland and Broncos Captain, Darren Lockyer which raised $20,000 when auctioned on Ebay. Art House made 100 Limited edition Reproductions of the image and they are selling well also with less than half of them left.

Below is a picture of Mark (the Art House boss), Nikyla (artist extraordinaire) and Darren (The greatest footballer the world has ever seen!).

Darren, Nikyla and Mark

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Another Canon into the Front Line!

Posted by giclee on December 3, 2007 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog, Photography

Things a really hotting up around here and obviously when I’m busy, my clients are making money and that’s good to see. I got excited earlier this year when I installed the first Canon 60″, 12 colour printer in Queensland. Guess what? We’ve just installed our second one! These machines have made life a bit easier for me and more exciting for my clients because of the amazing colour gamut, quality and size these machines can produce.

If you need large canvases, or paper prints, we can deliver the best quality in the country. Call me for a price and to learn more about what Art House Reproductions can do for you.

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Posted by giclee on October 16, 2007 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Quirky Stuff

We are proud to announce that the National Rugby League and renowned artist, Nikyla Amanda Smith, chose Art House Reproductions to produce the 100 Limited Edition Prints of Nikyla’s portrait of the world’s greatest Rugby League Player, Australian, Queensland and Broncos Captain, Darren Lockyer.

Darren Lockyer

Nikyla has donated the original artwork to the Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation and the work has been auctioned on Ebay. At the time of writing the bid was at $20,000. You can read more about Nikyla’s work on her web site, read the news articles and learn more about this amazing artist.

If you’d like to purchase one of the framed Limited Edition Prints, personally signed by Darren Lockyer, contact Working Wonders or visit their site here to learn more.

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Art House Artists recognised in Artist's Palette Magazine

Posted by giclee on June 7, 2007 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

The Bumper 50th Anniversary edition of Artist’s Palette magazine, June 2007 has recognised two of our finest artists.

Jenny Greentree from Back’O’Bourke Gallery (guess where it is) is featured as the cover artist with a great story and collection of her images being displayed. Jenny and Husband Steve have the only gallery in Bourke and that means the only gallery for hundreds of miles in any direction and it is a popular, Must-See destination for visitors to the outback.

Also featured is our very own Jill Kirstein who speciality is Roses – and can this lady paint roses! Jill’s originals sell all over the world and some have sold very well as placemats and prints.

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