Do you have a Retail Location?
Short answer, yes! While we don’t have a gallery displaying all the images in print form (our web site handles that, there’s thousands to choose from), you are welcome to visit our Brisbane office and check out the quality of our product prior to purchase.

Do you offer a printed catalogue?
Sorry, no. Our list of artwork grows on a daily basis, new artists join us, existing clients paint new works and add them to the collection. Visit our site regularly and check out the “What’s New” page to see the latest works added to the site.

Where do you source these artworks?
Art House Reproductions works mostly with Australian artists though we also have some international ones. These artists come to us because we offer a unique service that allows them to create a secondary income from their original artwork. All reproductions are printed on demand, when an order is placed, and only with the permission of the artist who owns the copyright.

Do you have more artwork available than what I can find here?
Yes we do. We have many more images available that for one reason or another the artist has decided not to list on our site. If you are looking for a particular style of image please email us anytime at mail@artreproductions.com.au or call us on 07 3252 3130 during business hours.

What’s the difference between Limited Edition and Open Edition?
Artists make the decision to offer their images in limited numbers or on an ongoing basis. When the listed number for a Limited Edition Reproduction is reached, the edition is sold out and is no longer available for printing. The only exception to this is the event where an existing reproduction is damaged and needs to be replaced under the terms of the Art House Warranty.

Will my reproduction look the same colour as I see on my screen?
All our reproductions are proofed and approved by the artist to match the original artwork as closely as humanly possible. Monitors across the world vary in the way they show colours, as do the browsers you use to view them (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc). It is quite likely that the printed image will look a little different to what you see on your monitor, but rest assured, the printed image is a true likeness of the original artwork.

How long will my print last before fading?
Whenever you see claims like “Prints will last over 75 years” you need to understand that this is a figure calculated using advanced aging technology in a laboratory. There are many factors that can change the actual life of a print. For example, the vast majority of claims are calculated using Epson ink as the standard. This is because Epson ink has the shortest life of the three major players in the fine art market, the others being Canon and HP. We use Canon inks which are known to last at least half as long again as Epson inks. Longevity in the real world can be affected by the controls used when printing the image, how well the print is framed, or in the case of canvas, the coating used. Other factors are temperature, humidity, pollution (smokers in the house for example) and most importantly the type and quantity of light that strikes your print each day. In all honesty, we can’t make claims like the one above, we can only tell you that there is no better product available in the world today than what we offer – if there was, we’d be using it! In fact we do know for sure that in some cases our reproductions will outlast the original artwork!

What’s this thing called “Gallery wrap”?
Gallery wrap is where the artwork is wrapped around the edge of a timber stretcher frame. All our canvas reproductions, when supplied unframed, come with a 50mm additional border to allow for stretching at your local framer. Most canvas prints come with what we call a “Mirror Wrap”. It is a great look for the artwork and allows the image to continue around the sides of the stretcher without losing any of the original image.

Is Delivery included?
All orders for delivery within Australia will be delivered by either Australia Post, Fastway Courier or Greyhound Express, at a flat rate of $25.00 for up to 3 items. International orders will sent via Australia Post or DHL at a flat rate of $45.00 for up to 3 items. For orders of more than 3 items or for framed prints, a surcharge may apply. You will be notified of this charge before your order is commenced.

I’m a Professional Photographer – what can you offer me?
If you are a professional photographer or artist, please visit Inkjet Lab to learn more about what we do and how we can help you in your business.

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