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Once again, a first for Art House Reproductions and a first for Australia. We’ve just upgraded our previously unrivalled digital scan camera to the latest version equivalent to an amazing 1200 megapixels – 20,000 x 20,000 pixels of incredible detail.

If you are an artist looking for the ultimate in digital art capture of your originals, then talk to us. we have photographed originals of all sizes from A5 to 1.5 x 4m – if you can get it to us we can photograph it.

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Eyes like a Hawke!

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One of our latest clients has had immediate success with his reproductions. We’ve reproduced 4 military portraits for Greg Hawke of Tenterfield and they are now available for sale in several outlets in Sydney. Greg also paints wildlife – mostly birds would you believe! I’m sure we’ll see more of Greg’s work going through the printer soon.

If you’d like to see more of Greg’s work, you can email us for more info.

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“Dear Sir/ma,
I am interested in your product i want you to advise me if i can place my order through E-mail.I will like to ship to my store address in the West Africa (Nigeria). Please advice me if you do accept credit card as the mode of your payment.I will like you to kindly get back to me with your website or price list so that i can place my order immediately.
Regards, Edwin P.”

It is emails like this that are costing Australian artists, photographers and all sorts of other businesses way too much money and heartache. This is not a genuine request for your work or goods, it is a blatant attempt to rip you off using stolen credit cards. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP like so many others have, simply delete the email and move on.

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The Spirit of Australia

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Brisbane artist, DESLEY ROLPH, releases the spirit of Australia in her latest works.

Desley’s work is noted for the whimsical female & animal figures which dance amongst the unique colour palette of her work. Skillful yet seductive, Desley invites you to take flight over the desert, get entangled in the Australian swampland and simply enjoy what is sublime about our spiritual land, Australia. Her work speaks about the relationship between the human, the animal and the environment in which they inhabit.

You can view more of Desley’s images on our Facebook page.

If you would like to purchase an original please contact us and we’ll pass you name on to Desley.

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Paintings of Pure Gold!

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Renowned Australian artist, Gordon Hanley, best known for his nostalgia or wildlife art has recreated a lost art and improved on it to the point that his new work is like nothing else in the world!

Silverpoint is a drawing technique that was used by …the great artists of the Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Durer and Michelangelo were great masters of this almost forgotten art. Silverpoint is a process where the artist draws on a coated panel or piece of paper with a fine silver rod.

Not only does Gordon paint with pure silver, his latest works in pure 24carat gold are being snapped up by collectors faster than he can paint them!

See more images on our Facebook page

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An Exhibition not to be missed – Denise Walker in Melbourne!

Posted by giclee on September 8, 2009 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

Widely acclaimed Broome artist Denise Walker offers Melbourne a viewing of her new work…. the Kimberley landscape infused in light, colour and texture; a richness that is transporting…

“Leaving Space” will showcase a range of works from the intricately subtle iconic Kimberley  boabs to large scale originals on canvas that are all encompassing.

“….Enveloped in the vast  landscape, with no distraction you can immerse yourself in the …space between………”

Many describe her work as healing, vibrant and energizing. Denise’s art has won her many awards and is held in both private and corporate collections  throughout the world.

If you would like to attend the opening, please RSVP via email:

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Sarah Hickey – one excited artist!

Posted by giclee on August 27, 2009 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog

Sarah Hickey is one excited artist! She’s proudly showing the world four of her artworks that have been used as labels for a new range of wines.

Introducing Barossa Belle – Barossa Belle is seductive, sensual and full of surprises – just like Australia’s greatest wine region, The Barossa.

On its release this month, you are among the first Queenslanders to be acquainted with our Belle. This exciting range of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Shiraz is crafted by cult Barossa winemaker Shawn Kalleske, who has continually been awarded 5-star reviews from James Halliday for his Laughing Jack wines.

Get the jump on your wine-loving friends by having a six-pack delivered to your door.


Order a mixed six-pack for only $70 – that’s $11.66 a bottle. Normal RRP is $16 a bottle.

Contact Mark at for more info.

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Kevin Oxley Exhibition

Posted by giclee on August 22, 2009 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

�Quixote Charges Windmills�A stunning collection of new works by Kevin Oxley based on the stories of Don Quixote, but drawn on as a metaphor for how we sometimes have to fight futile or pointless battles, usually because we know no differently. Oxley has used his extensive talents to produce works from oil paintings to lithographs, charcoals to relief prints, but all have an engaging air to bring a wry smile. His portrayal of Don Quixote as a hapless, but serious �knight� conveys the man�s solid belief in his fight for �justice��as he sees it. While the long-suffering Sancho Panza alternates between loyalty to his master and exasperation at the ridiculous situations they find themselves in. Even Rocinante (the Don�s horse) has a significant presence.

This is a wonderful series of works and will be exhibited at Art on Cairncross, 3 Panorama Place, Cairncross Corner, Maleny from October 3rd to 25th open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm. For more information please call (07) 5429 6404 or see

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Now you can chat to us and see the latest happenings on Facebook. The link is under our Inkjet Lab name so don’t get confused by that. Simply CLICK HERE or search for Inkjet Lab in FaceBook (we’re the one is Australia).

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Prints sell like hot cakes out Back O' Bourke.

Posted by giclee on March 10, 2009 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog

A Vision Splendid
Jenny Greentree has been with Art House Reproductions for quite a few years now and runs the most successful art gallery in Bourke, NSW.

The fact that Back O’ Bourke Gallery is the only art gallery in Bourke makes this story all the more interesting because it really isn’t even in Bourke – it’s in North Bourke which is a few km up the road out of town.

The image shown has been a huge print success for Jen since painting the originals as a commission for Bourke Council. The seven images are sold individually in two sizes and as a panorama collection on one print 1.1m wide and it’s this print that has become the most popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Jen and husband Steve run the Gallery holding art classes for tourists in the mornings and selling both originals and prints on a regular basis.

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