Prints sell like hot cakes out Back O' Bourke.

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A Vision Splendid
Jenny Greentree has been with Art House Reproductions for quite a few years now and runs the most successful art gallery in Bourke, NSW.

The fact that Back O’ Bourke Gallery is the only art gallery in Bourke makes this story all the more interesting because it really isn’t even in Bourke – it’s in North Bourke which is a few km up the road out of town.

The image shown has been a huge print success for Jen since painting the originals as a commission for Bourke Council. The seven images are sold individually in two sizes and as a panorama collection on one print 1.1m wide and it’s this print that has become the most popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Jen and husband Steve run the Gallery holding art classes for tourists in the mornings and selling both originals and prints on a regular basis.

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