Deb Gillett releases a new range of Giclee Prints

Posted by giclee on May 9, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog | Subscribe

Resident of North Queensland, multi award winning artist Deb Gillett is inspired and obsessed with movement, emotion and joy.

Deb works across a wide range of subjects and in many different media, including acrylics, pastels and sculpture in both ceramic and bronze.

Art House Reproductions is proud to reproduce her latest range of Giclee prints, 13 in all. These works are sure to capture the imagination and colour any room. The images are available in virtually any size on both watercolour paper and fine art canvas so please call us if you have any special requests.

This range of work will also be displayed on a major web site in the USA, opening up a world of opportunities for Deb’s work in the US market. If this interests you then please contact us to find out more.

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