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Posted by giclee on March 6, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog | Subscribe

I’ve just posted a series of images by Pam Eldridge, an artist who works with stones to create unique, contemporary, sculptured wall panels. We’ve prepared a number of the series on canvas and they look sensational!

Moving On

Here’s a few thoughts from Pam, the creator of these magnificent pieces…

“For thousands of years, throughout the world, people have rhythmically stacked the stones from their land to create stone walls. Stone walls possess an inherent and timeless beauty that satisfies something deep inside me and at the same time proveds a sense of connection to people from generations past.

I tune into nature’s forces and rhythms. Energy forces create spectacular forms in nature; the patterns of growth in the spiralling form of a shell or in cross-sections of timber grain or the radiating energy of water ripples. Each form is unique.”

The originals are designed to be hung from special supports on the wall so they “float”. Being constructed of real stones supported in a stainless steel frame, the originals are quite heavy and in demand – if you would like to see some original work by Pam, please contact us for details.

The canvas reproductions can be fitted on a stretcher frame and weigh substantially less. Thanks to our photographic skills we have captured the three dimentional nature of the originals and you can almost feel the stones as you look at the two dimensional image on canvas.

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