Beware of Fraudelent Orders by Email!

Posted by giclee on January 15, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Quirky Stuff | Subscribe

These sort of emails have been doing to rounds for some time but obviously people are still getting caught. The ABC show, Stateline, ran a segment about this in September 2004 and the emails just keep coming through! Here is copy of an email I received today…

Hello sales,
My Name is MR STEPHEN ,i am a citizen of american residentin africa ,I got your contact from my friend in your country and i have visited your website and i am very interested in your product which i will like to buy because due to the quality .I like to make a enquiry regarding to place an order through the mailorder and kindly advice me if you can ship to Lagos Nigeria and if you accept fast means of payment,i.e credit card (Master Card or Visa Card.) Get back to me Asap so that i can provide you with the product i wantto order from you.Hope to hear fromyou soon.Thanks and Write Back

The credit cards a fraudelent or stolen and you won’t find out for a couple of months until the real owner questions the transaction. If they don’t just hit you up for art then they’ll ask for other things outside your normal scope of sale like electronic equipment as in the Stateline example. Do this and you run into problems with your bank as well! I’ve heard they also get you to charge them more than required and send them funds in return by Western Union.

Be very careful of who you deal with. Unfortunately the few bad ones just make us that much more wary but don’t worry, there are enough good people out there too that do the right thing!

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