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Do you keep a record of everything you paint? Do you take a photograph of every painting you do? Is the quality of that photograph or digital image good enough to allow you to do high quality reproductions?If you answered “no” at any point then you need to come and talk to us – especially before the end of February 2006 to take advantage of our special offer. What’s the special? Get three pieces of art photographed for the price of two!

I’d first like to talk about image quality and how it affects your ability to produce quality reproductions of your art. Many people think that just because they have a good digital camera they will get good reproductions. This is not necessarily true.

Below is an example of the quality difference between a typical professional 35mm digital camera and our 5″ x 4″ Digital scan camera.

The image on the left is taken with our 5″ x 4″ Digital Scan Back mounted on a professional copy camera designed specifically for photographing art. The image on the right is taken using a 6.6megapixel pro quality digital camera. Both images are photographed under the same quality controlled, lighting, again specifically designed for photographing art so as to render the colours and tones as accurately as possible.

Photography is the art of capturing the light reflected from your subject on film or as a digital image. When photographing art it is critical that you capture the colours and tones as accurately as possible – that’s where we come in. Why? Read on to find out…

The colour of light changes with the time of day and your surroundings. The type of film you use or the white balance you set on your digital camera will affect the rendition of the colours in your artwork. A slight miscalculation in exposure will also affect colours.

If you expect to accurately capture the colours in your artwork so that it can be replicated then you a fighting an uphill battle if you are not shooting under tightly controlled conditions.

You are now looking at a 3″ x 3.5″ section out of the two images. The left image is our high quality version and you can see all the texture and detail the artist has created. The right image needed to be enlarged substantially to match the left image and as a result the quality is severely lacking. They simply do not compare.

In real terms what this means is that if an artist where to supply us with the file on the right and ask us to print a 30″ x 30″ print, we would have to tell them that they’d be wasted their money because they would be devastated with the resulting print.

So now you can see that just because someone says they have a professional camera and can photograph your art cheap, it does not mean that you will get what you expect!

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