Artists – Look at this Special Offer!

Posted by giclee on January 23, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Photography
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Do you keep a record of everything you paint? Do you take a photograph of every painting you do? Is the quality of that photograph or digital image good enough to allow you to do high quality reproductions?If you answered “no” at any point then you need to come and talk to us – especially […]


Beware of Fraudelent Orders by Email!

Posted by giclee on January 15, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Quirky Stuff
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These sort of emails have been doing to rounds for some time but obviously people are still getting caught. The ABC show, Stateline, ran a segment about this in September 2004 and the emails just keep coming through! Here is copy of an email I received today… Hello sales, My Name is MR STEPHEN ,i […]


Young Brisbane Artists on Show!

Posted by giclee on January 5, 2006 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog
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One of our latest clients is Travis Hendrix. Travis is a man who likes his coffee – he likes it so much he paints with it! Travis is part of a group of emerging young artists in Brisbane and they have an exibition opening on the 20th of January 2006 until the 6th of February. […]

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