Your Trip + Your Photos = Travel Poster!

Posted by giclee on November 22, 2005 in Latest Blog, Photography, Quirky Stuff | Subscribe

OK, so you’ve just been a a fantastic trip and got some great photographs – what do you do with them now? JennySend a bunch to us and we can create your very own TRAVEL POSTER. It looks a bit like one of those Blockbuster Movie Posters only you are the star!.

We print them on archival paper so they’ll last a lot onger than normal photographic prints and all you need to do is take them to a framer for the total finished look or simply tape it up on your wall! Either way you have a collection of your favourite images digitally combined to make them even more exciting and amaze your friends!

How does it work? CONTACT US for all the details on how best to get your images to us and we’ll do the rest!

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