Please tell me who made them?

Posted by giclee on November 22, 2005 in Business Ideas, Latest Blog | Subscribe

These images were emailed to me and much as I’d like to, I can’t give credit to the person or company who created the signage as I don’t know who they are.

Tank Goodness!

I wanted to show these off because they illustrate the potential for some types of art. Most artists (and photographers) think pretty small, I’m talking artwork to hang on a wall. But do you realise that some of the images you paint can be used for this….?

Book at that!

With the technology and products available today, almost nothing is impossible. Some artists make a living painting murals. One I spoke to the other day talked about a recurring nightmare he had which involved being asked to do a portrait. Not just any portrait but a portrait of an aircraft carrier and her crew – life-size! Yep, that would wake me up too!

My Shout!
Don’t let the size you paint your artwork limit your thinking about what it can be used for. Almost any image photographed and prepared properly can be reproduced virtually any size.

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