Make your own "World's Biggest Book"!

Posted by giclee on November 8, 2005 in Art Related Items, Business Ideas, Latest Blog, Photography, Quirky Stuff | Subscribe

VISIT ACLAND’S BLOG – he is full of great ideas and here’s another one… he talks about doing something remarkable to make your products stand out from the crowd and mentions us as a way to make this happen…….

Ever wanted to create something really special with your photos or artwork? Something that will really knock people’s socks off?

Now you can! Try this for size – THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BOOK!
The World's Biggest Book
Here at Art House Reproductions we have the ability to print your images on canvas so you can create your own gigantic masterpiece.

Imagine arriving at a gallery to show off your work and instead of dragging in framed canvas after framed canvas or flipping through a collection of poorly printed A4 photocopies of your work, you walk in with a book measuring 40″ x 60″ mounted on a trolley (because it’s too heavy to lift).

OK so maybe it’s a bit big for you – we can make them smaller! In fact we could make them any size you like to suit your images. Contact us now at Art House HQ to find out how.

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