Got a Dull Door? You need Art with a Handle!

Posted by giclee on November 21, 2005 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog, Photography | Subscribe

The humble door, every house has a few. Most of them are plain, dull and white doing little for the imagination or the look of your home.

Art with a Handle! We’ve changed all that! Now you can change the look of any plain door into a work of art – we call it “Art with a Handle”. It takes about 30 minutes to install and will brighten up your life for years.

Can’t find the image you like in our current collection? You’ve got two choices – keep watching because it is growing all the time or contact us and tell us what you’d like. We work with hundreds of artists who paint a diverse range of styles.

Do you have some images of your own that you’d like us to turn into your own unique Door Art image? We can do that too! All we need are your digital files, negatives or transparencies and we can create a special piece just for you.

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