Artists save money with new printing prices at Art House!

Posted by giclee on October 27, 2005 in Art Related Items, Latest Blog | Subscribe

It was reported today that Art House Reproductions, renowned for printing fine art giclee reproductions for some of Australia’s best artists, has reduced printing prices on canvas and fine art paper!

Due to Art House’s ability to buy direct and save on materials they are passing these savings on to their artists. While many products in Australia today are going up in price due to fuel costs etc, it’s nice to see some prices coming down.

Art House has gone one step further and made some changes to their pricing to photograph your art as well. You will need to contact them directly for all the details but reports are that the new pricing structure will be very popular, in particular the change in the minimum order policy. Now you can have your art photographed and archived for a great price and order when you are ready.

Another area that Art House has addressed is the ability to order one print at a time. While you will pay a slightly higher price for this service, it gives you the opportunity to offer your clients a one-off reproduction or to simply retain a reproduction for yourself when you’ve sold the original – what a bonus!

If saving money on your art reproductions is important to you then contact The Art House now and get them to give you a quote. Visit Art House HQ for more information.

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